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Blugestiam is an innovative startup that aims to revolutionize the world of roof maintenance, on the roofs of buildings. Thanks to the software, it was possible to transform the founders' ideas into reality, which allow a much leaner document management and planning for them and their customers.

Software custom
  • Dashboard

  • Full stack development

  • UX UI

  • +200% document checks managed

  • -86% booking and access time

  • Reliability powered by software


Information about the project

The Portal is much more than a simple customer database, as it allows a timely and organized document verification on several levels, of all the mandatory materials required by law and that Blugestiam has its staff view. Furthermore, artisans and companies can interface directly with the administrators and book scheduled interventions for each building.


Having made a large number of processes and verifications automatic thanks to the software, has allowed Blugestiam to significantly increase the efficiency and service offered. Thanks to a series of checks that take place at the insertion level, the speed with which the checks can be carried out has increased dramatically, together with the reliability guaranteed by the precision of a computer. On the other hand, their clients see a significant reduction in the time spent preparing and organizing an intervention, as many steps take place directly on the portal.

The main challenges to be solved

The design effort was mainly focused on document verification: we have included a series of automatic checks that guide the user in uploading documents and help the staff in their verification, among these various modules that allow you to fill in pdfs directly from the portal and download one. copy for signature.

Innovative solutions for real problems

To avoid the problems and waste of time that derive from the management of access routes to the roofs, the buildings are integrated with an app for the management of padlocks, which automatically generates an access authorization on the operator's phone, every time you book.

project image

UX Best Practices

As always, we have given the space it deserves to study the interface and user experience, which in this project had to make new and in some cases not immediate processes easy. We have studied every single event and optimized for time saving and ease of use.

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