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Client introduction

Gali is a brand that produces and markets charging systems for electric vehicles. This is the result of the expertise in the electronics and industrial automation sector of the parent company RM, born in Avigliana in 1992. After various experiences in the production of charging systems, in 2021 they decided to launch an innovative line with a new Brand , Gali. In fact, Redergo took care of the Branding itself and of the entire online communication system, starting from the website.

  • Brand identity

  • Brand manual

  • Positioning & strategy

  • UX/UI Design

  • 3D Rendering

  • Web Development

About the project

Starting from the needs examined in the analysis phase, we identified the primary assets that would be needed for the unborn Gali for a good online positioning. First of all we studied in detail the identity of the brand, on which to base the image and the entire communication system. We then built a website that best expresses Gali's values, characteristics and was as modern and innovative as their products.

Core values & Mission

Gali is innovation, quality, reliability while maintaining unique characteristics of environmental sustainability. Gali is not a simple charging system, it is a cutting-edge technological product, which anticipates the future and sets the best standards to make this sector green. Gali's mission is to support electric mobility and the green economy, thanks to the strong technical skills and visionary mentality of a solid team.

The genesis of the brand

Following the outlining of the brand guidelines, we concretized the analysis in a Brand Manual, which reports all the stylistic and communicative characteristics that we subsequently used to create the website.

UX best practices

It is our good practice, before approaching each project, to stop and reflect on what will be the added value that we will give to the digital product. For this reason, before getting our hands on the code, we develop several prototypes and mockups of our ideas, to show them to the customer and above all to test all the various processes. In this phase we put into practice the Best Practices of UX / UI Design, which allow us to obtain a homogeneous appearance and a fluid experience for the user.

The Gali website

For this particular project we have chosen to use some innovative details such as fixed-scroll animations, which we find on the homepage shown in the image below, and a simple but effective product configurator, with the possibility of interacting to change the color and see the device. 360 °. All the 3D models used were rendered by us starting from the files obtained by the customer.

Amaze and inform

The objectives of the Gali site, in addition to presenting the brand and offering an intriguing and complete description of the products, include the possibility of obtaining information at different levels. The structure is designed for the discovery of the main characteristics of the products, but leaves room for further information by arriving at the technical data sheet, presented on the site and downloadable in pdf. In addition, we have developed a reserved part of the site to support all partners who resell Gali, where they can find and download at their leisure all useful documents and promotional materials, such as flyers and totem graphics, up to the characteristic graphic elements of the Brand. .

Data-Driven digital experience

The possibility of obtaining data on how the site is used allows us to evolve it and adapt it to the users who visit it. In full compliance with the GDPR, we collect data relating to user interactions with the various pages, buttons and functions, to ensure an experience that is ever more easily and pleasantly usable. We are also able to trace the various traffic acquisition channels and build useful insights to make decisions for communication strategies.

  • Traffic origins

  • User paths

  • Page usage heatmaps

  • Clicks on the buttons

  • Insights generation

  • Constant evolution

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