We will be your partners and allies in realizing your idea, whatever it is

Jason Hardeman

Lean Development

A multidisciplinary and dynamic team at your disposal, with a consolidated and result-oriented method. We will be your development division and we will build together to achieve your goals.

Programming languages and frameworks

Step one

Tell us your idea

We are good listeners, first we try to put ourselves in your shoes and fully understand your goals. Only in this way will it work.

Output: we are aligned on the concepts underlying the project.

Step two

First requirements list

We transform the necessary functions into an operational project, drawing up a real bulleted list of the requirements that the finished product must have.

Output: first technical draft of the project.

Step three

Let's analyze the features

Let's see the list produced with you, telling you how it translates into the features you want and perfecting it so that it faithfully represents everything.

Output: complete requirements list.

Step four

Technical summary

We draw up the real project on a technical level, which will deal in detail with everything we are going to develop, including functionality and processes.

Output: technical prospectus to be approved.

Step five

Beginning of development

Once you have approved the project we start the development by dividing it into phases. At the end of each we will then have the opportunity to review the work done together.

Output: work program.

Step six

Feedback loops

At the basis of Lean development, we test and share with you every part of the product through demos, as soon as we complete it, so that you can actively participate.

Output: finished product and according to specifications.

Step seven

Documentation and manual

During the work we take care of writing the documentation regarding the code and creating the user manual, in written format or with video-tutorials.

Output: readable code and manual ready for use.

Step eight

Deploy and Training

Once the development is finished, we deploy the product on the cloud or on your servers and start the training for its use and management.

Output: everything is up and running!

Step nine

Transfer I.P.

If our agreement provides for it, we will sell you the full Intellectual Property, which is very important if you are building a startup or intend to target many users.

Output: complete marketing freedom.

Step ten

Assistance and Maintenance

In any case, we will have the opportunity to maintain a relationship for assistance and maintenance, or to develop new features!

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