We are always open to welcome new capable and entrepreneurial people.



We always work with an eye towards the future, of technology and the market, we continuously improve ourselves because we believe that it is the only way to do great things.


We believe that Courage is an essential virtue to improve, achieve goals and accept challenges. We are courageous in proposing disruptive solutions and innovating on every possible occasion.


If it is true that perfection does not exist, it is also true that perfectionists come closer to us than others. We often question our working method, to do better and better in less time.

Life in Redergo

From us you can always expect continuous challenges, so you will have to commit to learning new skills and respecting the requirements dictated by the market. Each of us specializes in something but what unifies us is that we are all students because we know that we must never stop raising our standards.


Remote working

We manage all projects through the Basecamp platform. This ensures everybody is taken care of and you can stay up to date wherever you are.

Flexible schedule

We think that work life balance is essential, which is why we provide flexible working hours. What matters for us is the result.


If you have an idea you want to test, we are here to help you launch it! You can dedicate some time of your week to build new and innovative ideas with your team.


We give all the necessary support to learn, providing courses, insights, and organizing events.


To apply you will need to send an API request, the necessary documentation will be found below.



Header parameters:

name value
Content-Type application/json

Body parameters:

name type required description
name String
Your legal name.
email String
A valid email address to contact you.
phone String
A valid phone number to call you.
cv String
A link to your Resume, Portfolio, Website, Linkedin or anything that shows us what you have done.
role String
The role you are interested in when applying. It can be anything or you can use one from the following list: Software Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Devops Engineer.
extra Any
Feel free to add any extra parameter we might have missed, you can send us anything as long as it is in valid json format.

Success 200:

name type description
message String If you successfully applied you will get a message back confirming we received your request.

Error 4xx:

name type description
errors String[] In case there is an error you will get an array of strings explaining which fields are incorrect.

What we do

Software Development Software Development Software Development Software Development Software Development

Digital Experiences Digital Experiences Digital Experiences Digital Experiences Digital Experiences

Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics Analytics

Integrations Integrations Integrations Integrations Integrations

Ecommerce Ecommerce Ecommerce Ecommerce Ecommerce