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In the heart of Turin, Il Grifone is a clothing store with a long history of success. His simple approach to customers created a great loyalty, the exploitation of which was however limited.

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About the project

Finding himself in the delicate moment of replacing the warehouse management system, Il Grifone wanted to take the opportunity to take a further step and build a Data Integration system, which would allow him to automatically collect certain information, such as data on sales, and paved the way for him to transform into a data-driven company, allowing future integrations.

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Integration & Automation

To meet the needs, we have built an architecture based on the Redergo Layer, which integrated the warehouse management system, the cash register software and a loyalty card system for customers. All data collected from these sources is then ported to SalesForce, for analysis and marketing. In addition, we have created a loyalty registration process that allows customers to log in independently through a tablet in the store.

Valuable information

From a single dashboard, the Grifone managers have access to the sales data of all the stores, automatically updated three times a day, connected to the warehouse and including the items present in each single receipt. They can, in a few clicks, generate all the reports necessary to thoroughly analyze the performance of the stores and make important decisions, but that's not all.

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Fidelity cards

For those with loyalty, we also associate the customer with the receipt, in this way the Grifone knows its customers thoroughly and can offer them a better service. All this translates into a better performance on marketing, since the campaigns will be extremely personalized, and in an overall improvement in the management of the stores.

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