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Quercetti S.p.A. is a historic Turin toy company, founded in 1949. For more than 70 years they have been producing with very high standards of quality and innovation, entirely in Italy, in the Piedmontese capital.

Site updates
  • Management integration

  • Integrated dashboard

  • UX UI

  • Components layout

  • Pixel integration

  • Addons development


Information about the project

For a company with a great variety of products, which sells all over the world and, above all, must educate parents and children to purchase, having constant support on e-commerce is of fundamental importance. In Redergo we take care of ordinary management and evolutionary development, in order to keep up with new technologies, purchasing methods and natural market trends.

Flexibility and precision

Attraverso una piattaforma di ticketing strettamente integrata con i nostri sistemi interni gestiamo le richieste ad alta frequenza, in contatto con il personale dedicato in azienda. Così facendo riusciamo a dare un responso in breve tempo per una corretta programmazione dei lavori.

Agile development

An account manager dedicated to the project ensures that all requests are planned, developed and tested on time. An agile development that follows the principles of CI / CD is of fundamental importance for an e-commerce that must always keep its main functionalities active and at the same time evolve over time.

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Knowledge of the platform

A deep knowledge of the Shopify platform, through which e-commerce has been developed, allows us to meet every type of need, from purely managerial and CMS-related ones to the development of custom code well integrated with the rest of the site. .

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